Extension/Change of Visa

Extension/Change of Visa:

When a foreign national enters the the United States as a  visitor, they require a visitor visa.  The visitor visa typically only allows the foreign national to remain in the United States for up to six months before they have to return to their home country.  Sometimes the visitor needs to remain in the United States for a longer amount of time than expected.  This can be due to various reasons, from a desire to extend their vacation, to take part in a family event, or due to a hospitalization or illness making it impossible for the individual to leave on the date required.

A foreign national may also determine once they have arrived in the United States that they would like to remain but under a different visa category from that in which they entered the United States.  Depending on the visa type the foreign national currently holds and the type of visa the foreign national wishes to obtain, it is possible to change visa categories while in the United States.

A foreign national in one of these two situations must request either an extension or change of their visa from USCIS (immigration).  This request must be made before the time allowed in the United States expires and with enough time, forty-five days or as soon as more time is needed, for USCIS to process the paperwork.

If you are currently in the United States and would like to change or extend the visa you are currently here with, feel free to contact Shryock Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation.