Passport Applications

Passport Applications:

Once a resident becomes a United States citizen through the process of naturalization, s/he is entitled to apply for a United States passport.  A United States passport serves two main functions; as a form of identification indicating you are a United States citizen, and as a reentry permit to the United States following international travels.

Naturalized citizens and their minor children are required to appear in person at their local passport issuing agency, typically a local post office, to submit their completed passport application and supporting documentation.  For naturalized citizens, supporting documentation typically consists of the original certificate of naturalization, some form of government issued identification, usually a driver license or government identification card, and two passport-style photos.

For minor children of naturalized citizens additional supporting documents are required.  Besides the documents required for the parents, minor children will also need to supply an official birth certificate, adoption decree, court order indicating guardianship, parental consent, and evidence of citizenship which can either be in the form of the parents’ certificate of naturalization or in the form of a certificate of citizenship obtained for the child by the naturalized parents.

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