Consular Processing

Consular Processing:

When petitioning for a family member who lives overseas the process typically takes three steps.  The first step requires filing a relative petition with USCIS (immigration) and waiting for approval.  Once the approval is finalized, USCIS forwards the petition to the National Visa Center where additional forms and fees are required to initiate step two.  Once the National Visa Center has reviewed the submitted forms an approval is issued and the documents are forwarded to the United States embassy in the home country of the foreign national relative.  The third step is an interview at the United States embassy where all forms and documents will be reviewed for a final determination of eligibility.

Consular processing can take from nine months to nineteen years depending on the category of relative, processing times of the United States embassy in your relative’s home country, as well as numerous forms and supporting documentation. If you have a relative overseas who you would like to petition to join you in the United States and would like someone to guide you through the process, please feel free to contact Shryock Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation.