Employment Authorization

Employment Authorization:

Only certain people are allowed to work in the United States.  Individuals who are citizens, lawful permanent residents, or who are temporary in the United States on a work-based visa may work lawfully in the United States without being subject to penalties.  All other individuals must obtain employment authorization based on an eligible category of immigration status.  One of these categories is an individual who has an adjustment of status application pending with USCIS (immigration).  Receipt of an employment authorization card while an adjustment of status case is pending allows the applicant to work lawfully despite lacking an eligible status.

The employment authorization card is typically requested at the same time as the relative petition and is processed within ninety days of filing.  Once the employment authorization card is mailed to the recipient, a driver license and social security card can also be obtained.

If you believe you or someone you know is eligible for employment authorization and have further questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact Shryock Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation.