Certificate of Citizenship

Certificate of Citizenship:

When a permanent resident of the United States naturalizes and becomes a citizen of the United States, the minor permanent resident children residing with the naturalized parent in the United States obtain United States citizenship automatically through that parent.  Although the status is granted automatically, documentation showing the status change must be obtained from USICS (immigration) through a formal application process.

Some parents choose to obtain a document verifying the citizenship of their children for ceremonial purposes while others find it easier to obtain a United States passport with the documentation.  Regardless of the reason, a certificate of citizenship serves as a permanent record of a child’s citizenship status in the United States, unlike a passport that periodically expires and must be renewed.

If you would like to apply for a certificate of citizenship for your child, or would like to determine if your child is eligible for this document, feel free to contact Shryock Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation.